Educators - Learning Objectives

Educators Notes:

Planning and creating content for a YouTube channel requires the use of many essential digital technology & literacy skills.

Students in this course will participate in:


Identifying the vision for their YouTube Channel by

  • Planning and creating a multi media vision board
  • Gathering assets and uploading content for their board
  • Sharing their work and reflections via the student comments section


Students will learn about the importance of establishing an original look for their channel or establishing their brand. They will create a logo with Adobe Spark Post, exploring palettes, font and design.


They will establish their own Google Account to open their new YouTube Channel and

  • Upload channel art
  • Write a channel description (SEO)
  • Apply suitable settings
  • Learn about e-safety and leaving a digital footprint


Participants will explore the free software available to record their desktop screen and their mobile device screen. They will also learn basic editing techniques and file management with:

  • OBS recording software
  • Adobe Premier Clip
  • Adobe Spark Post
  • WeVideo


The process of uploading content to their channel will include:

  • Choosing privacy settings
  • Titles
  • Video Descriptions
  • Tags
  • Themed playlists
  • Verifying their account


  • Custom thumbnails
  • Animated Titles
  • Image Usage Rights


  • Using analytics to clarify content areas that need improvement
  • Comments & feedback
  • Responding to comments