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  Educator's Notes

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn how to navigate various programming interfaces and the creative vector tools in their respective art editors
  • Program simple sequences to achieve an objective
  • The function of the various programming blocks eg: motion blocks, looks, triggering and control blocks
  • Create original custom backgrounds
  • Select, import and delete characters
  • Program multiple characters at once
  • Learn how to use numbers with motion blocks to reduce the number of blocks needed
  • Use the repeat block to enable a sequence to repeat - loops
  • Name, save and share their projects

Learning Outcomes:

By projects end participants will be able to:

  • Plan a coding project using computational thinking skills to break the project into small steps and create algorithms to achieve the projects goals.
  • Create a custom background using vector drawing tools.
  • Construct a simple animation by sequencing programming blocks.
  • Add custom and existing characters to their stage.
  • Create project titles and enable character speech with speech bubbles.
  • Debug their project to achieve their original vision.
  • Run multiple programs at once and manage their deployment.