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  Scratch Jr, Tynker Overview

We begin with Scratch Jr:

Scratch Jr provides a wonderful introduction to the exciting world of programming and computational thinking, even for older beginners! Its well designed intuitive interface, bright colours and quirky characters have enormous appeal for all ages. We will use it to introduce key coding concepts before going onto more advanced software applications. It is a great way to understand all the foundational skills needed for this journey.


Tynker opens up the palette of possibilities! Available as an IOS/Android App or PC/Mac via a browser. You will have access to more visual programming blocks, the ability to import or create characters and stretch your imagination with our custom games, animations and art. We use the free version for all these custom projects, however when you finish this course you may choose to subscribe to Tynker and start coding Minecraft Mods for your own server! We take you into our Tynker Minecraft server so you can have a look and see if it is right for you.