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Learning About Peripheral Devices

Have you ever pulled all the leads out of the back of your computer so you could move everything and clean? That's the easy part... It gets a little tricky when you try to plug everything back in, it is very easy to get your inputs and outputs mixed up! Our children won't have that problem...


Why Creative Digital Tools Are Important

Why I believe being introduced to creative digital tools is so important and the drive behind establishing Paperless Educator. Computer Science and its unique language is the literacy of our children's time. It will shape their future opportunities in ways we are only beginning to fathom! There...


The grass was greener (and plugged in!)

Three years ago as a eager parent in the mainstream school system I started to notice that a lot of adults had a rather grim view of learning! It was presented as something you had to 'get through' a rite of passage that toughened you up, prepared you for the 'real world' and taught you to...